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The Essential Skills Of Preparing For A Music Performance

Ever Wonder How To Prepare For A Recital, How To Control Your Nerves?

Article on performance anxiety.

Getting nervous and frighten prior to a public performance is quite normal. Performance anxiety is experienced by performers of all levels regardless of your ability to play your instrument or how well you know your piece.

While anxiety can be extremely difficult to control, the goal is not to completely over come it and achieve relaxation but rather to gain enough mental and physical control to be able to play your instrument and enjoy your performance.
It can be described as a perceived or real fear of a threatening or stressful situation leading to the impairment of performance.

This can have a significant impact upon the performance of an instrumentalist. In coping with performance anxiety the goal one should pursue is not necessarily of complete relaxation, but to maintain sufficient mental and physical control in order to enjoy playing the music.

Steps to Limit Performance Anxiety
    •    Don’t leave anything to chance or until the last minute
    •    Arrive early and as prepared as possible
    •    Allocate enough time to warm up properly
    •    Do a few deep breathing exercises to aid relaxation
    •    Remember other times you have performed

When it comes to performance anxiety preparation is the answer. The quality of your preparation is ultimately the key to your success. Take time at home to practice how to enter the stage, preparing yourself mentally to start your performance, playing the piece and even your bow and exiting the stage. Doing so will help you be comfortable and ready for your performance.