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Port St. Lucie Music Now Offering Audio Production And Music Recording Classes

Learn How To Produce And Record Your Own Music.

St. Lucie Music Lessons proudly announces the integration of a new course designed for aspiring recording and mixing engineers, musicians, DJ’s, music producers and singer/songwriters who want to turn their creative music ideas into actual professional recordings using the latest audio production software Avid Pro Tools and Logic Pro.

The audio recording part of the course will focus on

Critical Listening – Explore techniques used to analyze recordings from a variety of perspectives, both technical and musical. Gain an overview of MIDI sequencing and audio production techniques using Logic software and synthesis hardware. Making beats and Midi sequencing and arranging with Logic. Emphasis will be placed on recording and editing your own material in a home-like studio environment.

ProTools 101 – training in the most broadly used recording studio software on the planet. Get hands on into the digital power of ProTools including industry techniques, signal flow, use of outboard gear (EQ’s, compressors), setting up headphone mixes, setting up and labeling of your session.

Live Band Recording – Gain valuable hands on experience learning how to mic and record a full band directly to ProTools Includes: Fundamentals of sound, Microphone Selection, Drum and Micing.

Multitrack Recording Techniques – Learn about the many aspects of recording, including microphone selection and placement, equalization, and dynamic signal processing. Explore the aesthetic choices relating to balance, dynamics, arrangement, preparation, and realization of a successful mix.

Project/Home Studio Design and Setup – Learn about basic equipment requirements, budget considerations, affordable acoustic modifications, and the formation of appropriate expectations. Finish the series off with a group presentation and discussion of the mixes and receive your cd with your first digital mastering session.

Prerequisite: A working knowledge of the Macintosh computer operating system and basic music training and/or understanding.

Music/Audio Production Class with Pro Tools & Logic Pro

During your Pro Tools training we introduce you to proper setup, recording, mixing, editing, loops, plugins, MIDI, and all necessary techniques to produce and engineer cd quality music.

From remixes and live music tracks to video-games, film and concert tours, music producers continue to face new challenges in our ever evolving sonic landscape. St. Lucie Music Lessons’ new Sound Production and Engineering classes have been created to demystify the mysteries of digital sound recording and, more importantly, train our young local producers in the latest techniques and equipment use in professional music production.